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Our cookie use policy applies to all our websites (which we refer to below as "Websites").

By accessing one of our Websites, you agree to our cookie use policy whenever you access the Websites, regardless of the device you use for this purpose (tablet, mobile, PC etc.).

Any change made to our cookie use policy will be published on this page and we reserve the right to modify it from time to time. Your use of our Websites constitutes your agreement to these changes.

Our use of cookies

Like many websites, all or some of our Websites may use "Cookies" which, among other things, provide information on the number of users connected to our Websites and the pages viewed.

Cookies are text files placed on the hard drive of your device. We use cookies to establish, for example, whether you connect frequently to the site, whether you are a new user and to help to identify the site features of greatest interest to you. We use cookies to enhance your online experience by saving your choices when you visit a particular site.

The cookies we use are "personalisation" cookies, used to identify visitors who have previously visited the Websites, and "analytical" cookies, allowing us to monitor the use of our Websites by internet users so that we know what content most attracts visitors' attention.

The information collected via cookies is encrypted and we do not collect any information such as bank card numbers, personal information etc. via cookies.

Most existing browsers provide information on how to refuse new cookies, how to receive alerts when a new cookie is received and how to disable existing cookies. Please note that without cookies, you may not be able to take full advantage of all the features of our Website.

Please also note that we use cookies to identify your preferences and this has two consequences:
- If you delete all your cookies you will need to reset your preferences.
- If you use a different device, computer or browser, you will need to tell us your preferences again.